Online Loans
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The online loans constitute an important future market .
For lenders , Gregal Computer Solutions provides the technology solution to manage online loans.
The architecture has two layers:
a) Operating through its core banking Visioncredit
b ) Presentation with Web development or link libraries with third parties.
The system is powerful, robust and capable of handling automated large volume of online loans.
Summarizing the application is efficiently and effectively :
a) Record: personal , economic, fiscal data;
b ) Granting of loans by scoring analysis : classification and authorization;
c ) Automation of payments and receipts by SEPA files ;
d ) Management of incobrados ( commission charges , blackberries ) ;
e) Tax returns ( model 181 AEAT) .

Visioncredit Gregal FinTech
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1.- Transfers
Cashiers checks
Check deposits
Typified seats

2. Operations window Consultations and listed:
Movements and extracts
Cheques assigned

3. Compensation Charges / fertilizers physical documents
Remittances compensation: massive influx of movement

4. Truncation
AEB-CSB files formats:
AEB 19 – (fees) – SEPA
AEB 34 – (credits) – SEPA
AEB 43 – (communicate, reconcile, double counting)
AEB 60.63 – (City Halls, …)
6. Other operations
Locks (judicial charges, heels …)
Briefing notes
Special domicile

7. Daily process :
Balancing of positions
End automatic day (treatment of loans, settlements and renewals of terms, logbook, communication cards, etc.)
Accounting links, etc

8. Monthly processes:
Management Reports, Inventory analysis, etc. Annual processes:
Hacienda models: 196, 181, 171, 347 …

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Loans and Portfolio Management. Fee Type: Constant or Variable.

Constant: interest and amortization in each installment is variable but their sum is constant.

Variable: the depreciation rate is constant varying interest depending on the outstanding principal.

Indicative Interests: Defeated

Account Relationship: Account to which the loan amount to be paid and granted where receipts generated will be due.

Amount: Amount granted.

Day setting: Date to which round out the liquidation and redemption to avoid indicate which day of the month will have to operate.

For example: 31, liquidated January 31, 28 or 29th febrero, March 31, 30 liquidated January 30, 28 or 29th febrero, March 30, 29 liquidated January 29 28 0 29 de febrero, March 29, 28 liquidated January 28 28, where 0 will adjust the day of the opening.

Periods Duration, Liquidation, Lack, Amortization In the first field indicate the type of period (days, months, years) and the second the number of periods. If indicated Fee Constant, the liquidation period and the amortization must be equal and the grace period has to be “0”.

Due Date fields, Billing and Next Next Redemption will be completed automatically depending on the date on which we, the liquidation period and the amortization period.

After confirming this first screen credit accounts and loan accounts, the program leads to a second screen where codes Risk and Purpose, Duration, Contract currency indicated.

Bussines Intelligence with PowerPivot and VisonCredit Gregal Fintech

“To infinity and beyond” Would you phrase sounds? Because if we combine Microsoft PowerPivot with Financial Institutions – Visioncredit – our limit will be there.

Gregal Financial Institutions is the financial tool that gives the sector (financial, credit institutions, lenders,unions, credit sections …) the advantage in efficiency and optimizing technology operations:

Deposits: current accounts and savings accounts
Deposits or time deposits
Trade discounts, and advances on documents
Financial leasing
Service operations: treasury (cash, debits, transfers), leasing, insurance plans
Issuing and managing credit cards

Reports of application VisionCredit contemplate all the “usual” needs for optimal monitoring of positions of a financial company. So far, in addition to the available tools: filters, formulas, custom reports export them to Microsoft Excel for further study and exploitation it is included. But now, we have a new, PowerPivot tool: easy to use, powerful and free with Excel.

PowerPivot is a tool for data analysis (Business Intelligence), able to recover the information collected in our database “VisionCredit Gregal Financial Institutions”. (It has been chosen as manager database Microsoft SQL Server so that closes a Full integration with Windows.

The speed and agility and characteristics required will actually demonstrate reliably with daily use. Large numbers of records are operated in instant response times. Showing numerical, graphical results and filtering, ordering according to dynamic criteria. The information and conclusions drawn can be transmitted to the rest of the organization or easily shared with other management tools based on SharePoint.

Concluding PorwerPivot more Gregal Financial Institutions not only short, but multiplies productivity.


VisionCredit Fintech HD
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VisionCredit Gregal Financial Institutions is the solution in information technology Gregal specific IT Solutions for the banking and finance industry .
Deposit accounts : savings ( notebooks ) ,current
Time deposits
Loans ( mortgage , pledge , fast , reunification )
Trade discount
Commercial paper
Service operations : cash , cash , debit , transfer
Truncation : transfers, direct debit , SEPA , 43, …

Software VisionCredit E-banking

VisionCredit Electronics is a system of communication between financial companies and their end customers using Internet technologies. It is the ideal interface for transmitting operations managed by the Core Banking Financial Institutions VisionCredit Gregal.
Users access from their computers or mobile devices to secure Web addresses to know: the positions of their accounts (savings, checking, credit, loans and guarantees) and their tax returns. Also they are downloading your e-mail and search the virtual movements of interest using simple and intuitive filters.
Speaking of security, communications are encrypted using SSL addresses beginning with https. The validation for access is twofold: on one hand the user is requested binomial – key and the other a random image that questions its value is added. To potential denial of service attacks, the system delays the answer keeping the system stable. System administrators are responsible for the rise of the database and stop or enable access. VisionCredit Gregal Financial Institutions has a day process to download the information from the database. The information is encrypted and hosted by FTP manually on the Web server.
In short VisionCredit Electronics is a safe, productive and effective communication system. Gregal Computer Solutions, SL

Work environment VisionCredit Gregal Fintech

Gregal Entidades Financieras — Entorno VisionCredit — destinado a empresas financieras. En el video podremos observar la solución de Gregal en el campo de batalla, la oficina financiera (bancos, cajas, cooperativas de crédito, secciones de crédito, establecimientos financieros, prestamistas privados, empresas de intermediación).

A través de sus pantallas veremos las conexiones hardware que ofrece el producto con distintos dispositivos:
Impresoras financieras (con lectores de banda magnética y OCR)
Grabadores tarjetas magnéticas
Lectores de códigos ópticos
Actualizadores automáticos de libretas.
Los siguientes puntos a tratar serán: la arquitectura, el lenguaje de desarrollo y las base de datos utilizadas. Ya por último se muestra el sistema automático de actualizaciones de la aplicación vía web y el modelo formativo.

Simulador de préstamos y calculo de TAE- VisionCredit Gregal Entidades Financieras

Gregal Computer Solutions offers its simulator free loans and a demo version to check the benefits of allocating software to financial institutions.

Select the financial software download that may be of interest : Loans simulator , demo , Essentials or learn about the GOLD version . SIMULATOR Loans – APR simulator generator portfolio loans and obtaining the APR ( annual percentage rate ) .

Consider: payback periods , settlement , lack , opening and debtor interest , depreciation, American way , French, German …

FREE demo version to test the application. It includes the operation of the Essentials version by restricting the number of accounts .

Presentación, descarga e instalación de VisionCredit Essentials
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VisionCredit Essentials download , installation and startup This video will guide you in VisionCredit download the software, installation , registration and first start.