Account management

Current and savings accounts, time deposits, loans, credits, guarantees and equity investments are managed by VisionCredit. The transactions referred to are: openings, concessions, cancellations, settlements, extracts transaction reporting, letters, loan repayments, loan payments receipts, etc.
All regulations and tax obligations (contracts, communication TAE, pictures, deductions ….) Are contemplated. There is always the possibility of back operations performed. Removing: openings, concessions, depreciation, and even settlements and communications. The accounts are grouped in families (plans) with similar characteristics but is allowed to reach the level specified account values.
When it is operating on groups of accounts and settlements and extracts the application displays those plans under the operation. For example to extract only current plans to extract whose indicator appear to be true. These points illustrate the versatility and ease of use with which VisionCredit help you in your daily work.


In managing the accounts are required :

  • Openings
  • Concessions
  • Cancellations
  • Liquidations
  • Accrual – Accrued interest
  • Communication extract
  • Communication operations
  • Letters
  • Loan repayments
  • Bill payment
  • Loan Management of defaults regulations and tax obligations
  • Back operations performed
Operations Bat

Accelerate the incorporation of non-metallic operations it is possible thanks to compensation.
Two methods for the same: compensation or compensation accounts remittances. Compensation account is similar to the window described above.
The peculiarities of this mode of operation are focused on the type of operation (non-metallic), non-application of printouts, and the delay in changing the balance capital accounts until their final incorporation. In compensation remittances appearance is shown as the typical invoice detail lines screen.
Each line detail correspond to a motion for an account. To go line by line moving data each with their balances and the status of the movement is obtained. They can stop, force, or allow the incorporation of movement if possible. As in the rest of the application Search account is guaranteed by a varied range of options.

Otros procesos

Las necesidades operativas, fiscales, contables y de explotación de la información se completan con:

  • Inventarios mensuales
  • Informes de auditoria
  • Fin de día automático (procesos por lotes)
  • Tratamiento automático de la cartera de préstamos
  • Liquidación y renovación automática de plazos
  • Diario de operaciones
  • Cartas de notificación descubiertos y operaciones
  • Enlaces contables
  • Gestor documental
  • Sistemas de scoring
  • Declaraciones AEAT  (181, 126,196, 347) y autonómicas.
Conexión web - App

VisionCredit electrónica (G-e) es un sistema de comunicación (financiadora/entidad con cliente final) utilizando tecnologías Web services.

Mediante G-e, la financiadora comunica las operaciones a su cliente de manera: eficiente, económica y ecológica.

Tras la validación del cliente, la pantalla de entrada le permite seleccionar entre:

  •  Extracto global (cuentas ahorro, corrientes, créditos,préstamos, avales,….),
  •  Buzón de correo
  •  Buscador de movimientos (importes, fechas, importes, signo …)
  •  Información fiscal.

Interfaz VisionCredit Fintech ONLINE

Electronic VisionCredit ( Ge) is a communication system ( funding / entity end customer ) using Web technologies. By Ge, the funding communicates his client operations so: efficient, economical and ecological .
The costs associated with printing paper, printers, inks, maintenance, handled and postage disappear. After validation of the client, the login screen allows you to select from: Global extract ( savings accounts, checking, credit, loans , guarantees,..), voice mail, search engine movements (amounts, dates, amounts, sign … ) , tax information.
The virtual mailbox – Letters in PDF- format displays per day grouped all the cards generated in the day to the customer. As simple as clicking ” Print PDF” and the browser charts prepared for recording or printing appear. Online Banking.

By window accounts are selected and movements , debits and credits are entered. The operations ( configurable ) will be: general , payment checks, payment and collection of receipts , income from other entities checks , transfers , transfers between accounts etc.
Has taken great care to make it intuitive , fast and easy by providing it with numerous features : search by account, by any customer data , retrieve the latest account on which it has operated.
The movements can be viewed , deleted , ( screen printed , laser, passbook printer ) .


Including management of debits and credits, double counting and reconciliation are some of the options present in the truncation.
Management movements cargo / pass: received on accounts by electronic formats support the Spanish Banking Association.
CSB 19, 34, 43 etc.
Thanks to this you can pay or charge in the accounts section, massively generated in other financial institutions or sections of the company (gas stations, shops,..) operations.
Double account management: The movements in another financial institution (La Caixa, CajaMar… ) are dumped directly into customer accounts. This is achieved with the equivalence ratio has bank account section. Bank reconciliation: It is possible to reconcile the historical movements. Either against other accounts or herself helped by reconciliation programs.

The hardware for financial companies and credit institutions: is specific, increases yields of the company and provides value to the customer.
For the operation of the company we can talk about needs: software, hardware and communication. Within the hardware we will focus on those specific “devices” for these “Financial Institutions”. Using passbook is a strong tradition in the Spanish clientele.
For printing we will use financial printers and automatic updaters. The financial printer works, old-fashioned, hammering needles. The advantages are: lasting, economy and reliability. In addition to printing documents allows the self-copying (copies for: client, recipient and box).
The magnetic strip on the book we will also facilitate the work of two modes: automatic reading of the bill (we reduce typing errors) and automatic updaters eliminates the operator’s work. The financial printer and must have reader-writer magnetic stripe for these purposes. The most complete models include simultaneous scanner from both sides.
The book automatic updaters decrease business costs and reduce waiting times in queues window. After entering book this device scans the free position to then download the outstanding historical movements.
Cash recyclers are accessible only by operatives devices. The recycler serves as safe, bill validator, counter, and store documents. As safe have: alarm, fire protection, earthquake protection etc. As validator will verify the authenticity of the bills are introduced and the total amount of operations. The obvious advantages are: security and human error elimination. Recorders and magnetic card readers will serve as a means of payment. And even to the end thanks to these cards and notebooks will use ATMs for cash withdrawals, consultations, etc ..
In conclusion we see that the hardware for credit institutions: is specific, increases yields of the Company and provides added value to client.